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Do you love your home, but want a change? Would you like to upgrade but don’t want to leave your present area or address? Home Sweet Home is a trusted name in helping homeowners in the Mankato area for home remodel projects. 

A complete home remodel can address creating the home of your dreams without having to sell it. The truth is, planning a complete home redesign is a major job that requires the involvement of a remodeling firm with experience managing long-term projects. 

We are a wonderful choice for Mankato’s entire home remodeling projects because of our years of expertise organizing whole home renovations in the area. With the finest accuracy and skill, our team specializes in designing, planning, and finishing all projects on time and within budget. Choose Home Sweet Home Remodeling as a house contractor for your project.

Why Hire Us?

Our mission is to transform your home with renovations that are attractive and functional. We are known as one of Mankato’s most trusted whole-house remodelers because we combine great client service with quick and skilled building methods. We’ll talk about your lifestyle, design preferences, and practical requirements to make sure your home is remodeled to meet your family’s needs.

As a result, we can provide our clients total focus and direction throughout the remodeling process, alleviating any stress. We work with you from the very first design sketch, to the very end, giving the finishing touches to your new and upgraded property as a full–service contractor. 

Home Sweet Home Remodeling Process

We understand that your home is an expression of your unique personality and taste. We help you achieve your vision via design, which is why each home project is distinct. We recognize that you and your family may have different needs and so we go to great efforts to exceed your expectations. As a result, you can rely on us to give you a custom home that incorporates all the features that best fit your taste.

  • Initial Consultations: We talk to you to explore your objectives, preferences, and budget.

  • Site Evaluation: Measurements and pictures are taken at the location to assess the job.

  • Design Meeting: To map out the first design, an introduction meeting will be held. We will decide on the initial design process, to develop a remodel plan.

  • Budget Overview: The outline of the design will include a summary of the project overview, financial projections, a preliminary design, and any other information you’ve asked from our design/build team in the proposal.

  • Final Design & Documentation:  We will review the final remodel plan to change the designs according to your specifications. Permit submission will begin to ensure that we will be ready to proceed as planned. Then we will sign a construction agreement that meets your demands and establishes a construction timeline that meets your expectations.

  • Pre-construction Meeting: Here, we will discuss the contract, project timeline, regulations of your house, with your project manager before any work begins.

  • Building Process: Once the job has begun, we take a number of measures to ensure you are worry free. To guarantee cleanliness and safety, the work area will be sealed off. Weekly on-site meetings with your project manager and designer will keep you up to date on your project.

  • Project Completion: Once the project is completed a final walk-through and “interview” is planned, to ensure that all commitments were kept. All plans, product warranties, usage and care instructions, and any other important information will be provided to you.

Home Sweet Home is always here to ensure that our customers have beautiful, long-lasting, and low-stress home remodels in Mankato. Let’s create your dream home together!

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Is it possible for us to live in our house while it’s being renovated?

The answer depends on the scope of your remodel job. It should be possible for you and your family to stay in the areas that are not a construction zone. A whole-house makeover, by definition, upgrades more than half of the living area. In such a situation, temporarily relocating while your job is underway may be more convenient.

When is the best time to renovate your entire home?

You may want to complete your whole-home remodel in the spring or summer to avoid weather-related delays. However, because these are the busiest months for construction projects, doing a whole-house remodel in the fall or winter may save you money on supplies and labor. Finally, the optimum time to renovate is when it best fits into your schedule.

How long does it take to remodel an entire house?

It takes four to eight months on average to finish a home remodel. Smaller projects, on the other hand, may go more quickly, while larger improvements may take longer. Meeting with our design team and discussing your project goals is the best method to get an accurate time estimate.

Do I have to give a deposit in advance?

Yes. Your advance deposit will be used to cover the costs of ordering and pre-fabricating. Please contact us to find out more.

What is the cost for a whole home renovation?

The price range for complete home remodeling depends on the size of your home and scope of the project. We will be able to provide a better estimate after meeting with you.

Will you provide a reference if you are not available for our project? 

Yes! We can provide references to other home renovators. Also, to know what our clients say about us, check out our online reviews.

Do you have a qualified tradesperson on your team?

Yes, all of our trades have expertise and are licensed and insured. We are also covered by insurance, so you have all the security needed.

Interested in discuss a project for us?

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Home Sweet Home Remodeling
213 N Main Street
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