Home Sweet Home Remodeling, LLC owner Dave Miller has worked in various positions of the construction industry since he was 15 years old. It didn’t take long to notice that projects were usually disorganized, past deadline, and over budget. Dave knew that he didn’t want a company with a reputation like that.

At Home Sweet Home Remodeling, they approach things differently. First, they are a husband-wife team. Dave works side-by-side with his wife Jennifer. When they start a remodeling project, they focus on developing a relationship with their clients. By working together on the schedule, design, and product selections, their client’s projects are ready before the permits are pulled. This attention to detail allows for them to schedule out contractors and put in orders for materials on time as well as offer a firm estimate. They do all this prior planning to minimize surprises along the way. DMC clients appreciate the process because they know exactly what to expect. It’s a win-win situation for all!

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Your Remodeling Team

Dave Miller | Owner

I was born and raised in Waseca, MN. I started in the construction trades at 16 years old and have never done anything else. Jennifer and I met in high school and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We married in 2005. We now have 3 children; Addison, Claire and Isaac. I started my first business with a partner in 2009 and after several years of success, decided to go my own way. I started Home Sweet Home Remodeling in 2012. Running a construction company was not my goal as a child, but there is nothing else that I would rather do for work. I love what I do and enjoy watching projects unfold and get great satisfaction in seeing a job well done.

Jennifer Miller | Owner

I have been a part of Home Sweet Home Remodeling since day one. I originally helped with payroll and paying the bills. As the company got bigger and we got busier I slowly started helping with more and more. As of the summer of 2018, I work full-time for Home Sweet Home Remodeling. I have many different roles to fulfill. I run the office side of things, I work with our clients on design and product selections, and I am also a job site helper, running to get supplies and lend a helping hand when needed. I love that my day-to-day is never the same and that I get to see a project go from napkin sketches all the way through to the finished product.